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Cycles and Cinema

In the early twentieth century, motorcycles became the symbol of desire, evasion, wonder and speed.

As the world became more regular, controlled, and narrow, these in your face, noisy, roaring, speed machines represented a way to break free and signal your independence. No limits. Every decade, every era, has a new motorcycle and rider that became its symbol and banner. These symbols in turn were highlighted in music, books, design, and, of course, film. The motorcycle’s celluloid history dates back to the silent era, and continues to make an impression today.

Motorcycle movies symbolize freedom, rebellion and independence. More importantly, the best movies portray not only stunning bikes but also a close-knit relationship between the movie character and the vehicle itself. In contrast to simple props, the motorcycles served as extensions of the characters riding them.

Motorcycles have always been a point of interest in movies. Classic movies such as The Wild One, Easy Rider and On Any Sunday, as well as newer films like The World’s Fastest Indian and Long Way Around have made their mark in Hollywood history. Perhaps more importantly, movies give people a glimpse into the motorcycle world, and bring more and more people to experience the enjoyment and freedom of riding motorcycles with friends.

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