Previous Exhibitions

Motorcycle movies symbolize freedom, rebellion, and independence. In the early twentieth century, motorcycles became the symbol of desire, evasion, wonder, and speed. These cycles in cinema portray not only stunning bikes but also a close-knit relationship between the movie character and the motorcycle itself. In contrast to simple props, the bikes served as extensions of the characters riding them.
Made in America takes a deeper look into the amazing history of the motorcycle industry in North America. The motorcycle has become an important piece of Americana. representing freedom in the “land of the free”. There have been over 315 motorcycle manufacturers in the USA since 1985 and this exhibit showcases over 60 of the rarest and most significant bikes to give you a sense of the industry’s history and continued relevance.
This fascinating exhibit takes an objective look at the collapse of the British motorcycle industry. This walk through time illustrates the rise and fall of Britain’s motorcycling industry and showcases motorcycles from 17 different manufacturers from AJS to Zenith, spanning from 1908 to 1995. A cautionary tale eerily reflective of today’s near collapse of the US automotive industry.
From a 1912 Model 8 to the 100th Anniversary Model Electra-Glide, see the evolution of the motorcycle that has become the gold standard in the industry today.