Preparing Your Bike for Winter Storage
Exhibit area at the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition featuring a diverse collection of motorcycles from various decades, including a prominent 1933 Harley-Davidson model. The display includes detailed information panels, a red backdrop with historical context, and a large black-and-white image of a motorcyclist. The timeline above marks key events in motorcycle history from 1900 to 1950.
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As the days get shorter and the nights get longer; as the leaves turn to orange and you dust off your coats, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your bike for winter storage. Of course there may be a few more months of good riding left, but these days, the weather is unpredictable. It’s a tough call to make when to tuck her away, but when you’re ready, here is a checklist for prepping your bike for storage.

  • Wash your bike
  • Wash thoroughly, making sure to dry the bike very well after. Don’t forget to lube the chain and wax any chrome afterwards as well.
  • Remove and clean the spark plugs, change them out if necessary
  • Change the oil – This helps to ensure your bike is ride ready come spring.
  • Fill the gas tank – This helps prevent rust from forming inside the tank
  • Remove the battery and connect it to a charger – This maintains the battery life through long periods of inactivity
  • Make sure to store the battery in a clean and dry place away from any heat sources or chemicals
  • Cover the exhaust pipes – This prevents moisture from collecting inside, as well as keeping out any curious critters
  • Find a dry storage location and cover up the bike
And lastly,
Sigh with longing for the spring when you can ride again!



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