RECAP: The 3rd Annual Vancouver Vintage Motorcycle Show & Shine 2016
Exhibit area at the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition featuring a diverse collection of motorcycles from various decades, including a prominent 1933 Harley-Davidson model. The display includes detailed information panels, a red backdrop with historical context, and a large black-and-white image of a motorcyclist. The timeline above marks key events in motorcycle history from 1900 to 1950.
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On Sunday June 26th, the Deeley Exhibition presented its third annual Vancouver Vintage Motorcycle Show and Shine. The event was blessed with fantastic weather and well attended with over 60 registered motorcyclists including collectors, builders, vintage motorcycle clubs members and those enthusiasts who just love riding old bikes.  With over 150 people in attendance, riders and non-riders alike got to view some amazing motorcycles while grabbing a delicious bite to eat off the Grill.

This year we saw a few more choppers and customs along with mint old stockers, and some very unique builds, most notably Paul Brodie’s Excelsior board tracker. Built entirely by hand, Brodie’s beautiful Board Track replica was a work of art.  If you’re into vintage bikes or frame building, you’ll want to check out Paul’s website  It offers a wealth of information along with some great stories.1919 Excelsior Boardtrack Racer

The event was attended by a good grouping of Indian motorcycle enthusiasts, including a couple of fully decked out Chiefs on show. Back again this year was a particularly uncommon vehicle – a 1934 Harding Deluxe Model B invalid carriage – brought out by Dave Liversidge. This type of motorized tricycle wheelchair (it can either be driven with the hand pedals or the Villiers motorcycle engine) was given to injured veterans by the British government after WWII. Finding one in any condition today is a rarity, especially a well restored, running version!

As we do every year, the Deeley Exhibition brought out a few rarely seen motorcycles from storage to display including the very unusual ‘Norton’ motorcycle powered by an NSU car engine, a rare Harley-Davidson rotary engine military bike, an early Honda Goldwing, and a 1948 Velocette Mac.

Other standouts this year were a Paul Smart Ducati racer, a Kawasaki H1 and a 1935 Harley-Davidson with side car. The Harley with the sidecar was a cool runner with perfect patina – A few lucky people even got a chance to get a ride around the parking lot in it!   With so many great bikes and particular stand outs on display, there were many favorites to choose from!H-D with sidecarCrowd shot-PS-cropped and colour corrected

We look forward seeing what amazing motorcycles come our way at our 2017 Show & Shine and constantly seek to improve our community event. . . If you have any feedback about this Show and Shine, be on our e-mail or call list for next year or would like to share your ideas with us, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you at Vancouver Vintage Motorcycle Show & Shine 2017!

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