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100 years of motorcycling

Fred Deeley Ltd. got its start back in 1914 with the opening of “Fred Deeley, The Cycle Man” on 1075 Granville Street. Continuing the same business he had in England before coming to Canada, Fred Deeley initially sold bicycles before selling motorcycles in 1916 with imported BSAs. Before long, the motorcycle business was booming and the sale of motorcycles and bicycles were separated, with a distinct motorcycle shop opening on West Broadway run by Fred Deeley Jr. It wasn’t long before a young Trev Deeley joined the team in 1935 as a mechanic, eventually becoming an integral team member. It was Trev’s decision to move the shop’s location in 1950 to its iconic spot at 606 East Broadway.

The Deeley family name is significant to both the history of Vancouver and Canadian motorcycle history. A racer, a collector, and a philanthropist, Trev Deeley’s distinguished personal collection of motorcycles and their unique histories can be appreciated at the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition.

2017 marked 100 years since the Deeley family placed their faith in an almost unknown motorcycle company from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Harley Davidson, thus becoming the first distributor of the brand in Canada. To celebrate such a milestone and the evolution of other motorcycle brands throughout the past 100 years, the Deeley Exhibition proudly presents 100 Years of Motorcycling!